India Venus Challenge: ISRO plans to release Shukrayaan project in December 2024- Find out about India's first Venus Challenge

India Venus Challenge: The Indian Area Analysis Organisation (ISRO) plans to release India’s first Venus Challenge ‘Shukrayaan-I’ in December 2024 window. The Shukrayaan project is a deliberate orbiter to Venus to review the planet’s floor and setting. 

Shukrayaan can be India’s first orbiter project to Venus after sending an identical missions to the Moon and Mars. The project targets to review the outside of the most up to date planet in our sun device and get to the bottom of the mysteries below the Sulfuric Acid clouds enveloping it.

ISRO Chairman S Somnath stated in a up to date assembly, “Construction and hanging a project on Venus is imaginable for India in an excessively brief house of time, as the potential lately exists with India.” He additional knowledgeable that the Venus project has been conceived, challenge document has been made and cash has been recognized, and suggested scientists to concentrate on prime have an effect on results as have been accomplished by way of the Chandrayaan-I and Mangalyaan. 

The ISRO Chairman wired on no longer repeating what has already been achieved pronouncing, “Function is to study that distinctive further wisdom remark will also be achieved and spot that we don’t seem to be repeating what all has already been achieved. Repeating a few of them isn’t against the law but when we convey distinctiveness, it is going to have an have an effect on globally.”

ISRO  Area Science Programme Officer T Maria Antonita stated in her presentation that no prior remark of the sub-surface of Venus has been achieved, “So, we will be able to be flying the sub-surface radar for the primary time. It’s going to penetrate the sub-surface of Venus upto a couple of hundred meters.”

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Shukrayaan project release date

ISRO targets to release Shukrayaan project within the December 2024 window with orbital maneuvers deliberate for the next yr when earth and Venus can be aligned so intently that the spacecraft may well be installed its designated orbit the use of minimal propellant. If ISRO misses this window, the following time an identical window can be to be had handiest in 2031.

Shukrayaan project: Key Deliberate Experiments 

  • Investigation of the outside processes and shallow sub-surface stratigraphy, together with lively volcanic hotspots and lava flows
  • Finding out the construction, composition, and dynamics of the ambience
  • Investigation of sun wind interplay with the Venusian Ionosphere

Key Tools

  • A very powerful tool can be a prime answer artificial aperture radar to inspect the Venusian floor this is coated by way of thick clouds. 
  • Device to inspect the planet’s setting in infrared, ultraviolet and submillimeter wavelengths.
  • Venusian Neutrals Analyzer to inspect how charged debris from the solar engage with the ambience of Venus. ( Swedish- Indian collaboration)

Global Tools

  • Venus Infrared Atmospheric Gases Linker (VIRAL) ( Collaboration between LATMOS, France and Russian federal house company Roscosmos)
  • IVOLGA: A laser heterodyne NIR spectrometer to review construction and dynamics of the Venusian mesosphere.

Shukrayaan project Function

The primary function is to review the Venusian floor, which is roofed by way of dense clouds that make it unimaginable to view the planet’s floor.

Researchers had introduced a imaginable detection of phosphine, a life-friendly part, in Venus’ setting previous in 2022. 

Venus Missions

A number of missions have flown to Venus because the 1960s however just a few lately. The Ecu Area Company’s Venus Specific orbited the planet between 2006 and 2014 and Japan despatched Akatsuki spacecraft that entered the planet’s orbit in 2015 after a prior unsuccessful strive. Akatsuki is likely one of the few missions which might be operational round Venus.

The others come with spacecrafts appearing flybys of Venus within the close to long run, together with NASA’s Parker Sun Probe and ESA’s BepiColombo en path to Mercury and the Sun Orbiter.The Soviet Union had despatched a sequence of probes to Venus below the Venera programme between 1961 and 1984 to collect extra details about the planet, out of which ten landed successfuly at the floor of the planet and 13 entered the Venusian setting effectively.

On the other hand, the landers may handiest live to tell the tale for a brief duration at the floor with the time rating from 23 mins to two hours because of excessive floor stipulations on Venus. One of the most longest surving probes on this planet’s floor used to be NASA’s Pioneer Venus Multiprobes, which survived for roughly an hour after impacting the outside in 1978.

What’s the identify of India’s first Venus Challenge?

Shukrayaan-1 is the identify of India’s first Venus Challenge. It’s anticipated to be introduced in 2024. ISRO used to be first of all aiming to release the project in mid-2023 however pandemic-related delays have driven the release date to December 2024. 

A backup release alternative could also be to be had in mid-2026 when Venus and Earth are subsequent aligned to reduce spacecraft gas use all through the planetary transit. Shukrayaan is scheduled to release aboard India’s GSLV Mk II rocket.

Venus: Eight Issues to understand in regards to the planet

1. Venus is the second one planet from the Solar and is the nearest planetary neighbor to the Earth. It is likely one of the 4 interior, terrestrial (or rocky) planets

2. Venus is frequently referred to as as Earth’s dual because it is identical in measurement and density however they aren’t equivalent twins as there are radical variations between the 2 planet worlds.

3. Venus is the most up to date planet in our sun device, despite the fact that Mercury is nearer to the Solar. The planet has excessive floor temperature achieving as much as nearly 475 levels Celsius, which is scorching sufficient to soften lead. 

4. The planet is shrouded in thick, yellowish clouds of sulfuric acid that lure warmth and has a thick and poisonous setting stuffed with carbon dioxide.

5.It has a rust-coloured forged floor this is coated with dome-like volcanoes, mountains and rifts expansive volcanic plains and huge ridged plateaus. Scientists assume it’s imaginable for one of the crucial volcanoes to be nonetheless lively.

6. Venus has crushing air force at its floor, which is 90 instances greater than that of Earth. That is very similar to the force one would come upon a mile beneath the sea on Earth.

7. Venus rotates on its axis backward, in comparison to many of the different planets within the sun device. Which means the Solar rises within the west on Venus and units within the east. 

8. Venus used to be the primary planet to be explored by way of a spacecraft when NASA’s Mariner 2 effectively flew by way of and scanned the cloud-covered global on December 14, 1962. 

Upcoming Venus Missions

Deliberate Missions Area Company Proposed Release Yr Challenge Sort
Rocket Lab’s Venus probe Rocket Lab, US 2023 Atmospheric Balloon
Shukrayaan- 1 ISRO, India 2024 Orbiter and Atmospheric Balloon
Veritas NASA, US 2028 Orbiter
Venera-D Roscosmos, Russia 2029 Orbiter and Lander
DAVINCI+ NASA, US 2029-30 Atmospheric Probe
EnVision ESA 2031 Orbiter

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